Real Estate 101

It’s True! Everything Is Negotiable in Real Estate!

RENTAL PRICES: Feel free to call us and discuss prices and options. There are numerous
reasons that prices change. Everything from unit condition, market demand, owner cash-flow,
tourist season versus summertime, condition of individual rental etc. affect the prices owners
are willing to accept. We have a constant pulse on these things and do our best to generate the
most income for our owners while providing rent-reasonable options for our tenants. Typically
utilities including local phone, cable, and high-speed internet are paid for by the owners for
short-term tenants. Long-term tenants pay these items themselves and generally have the bills
transferred into their own names. Sometimes water and/or local cable service are included
even for long-term tenants because they are included in the owner’s Home Owner’s Association
fees. Our tenants are never responsible for Home Owner’s Association fees.

PETS: The best thing to do is call us. Of course owners would prefer not to have pets so they
don’t have to worry about pet damage or odors; however, many are animal lovers and willing to
accommodate! Often owners begin by telling us “no way” but as they realize so many pets are
well behaved and contribute to the happiness of tenants, they begin accepting pets on a caseby-case
basis. In this area many Home Owners Associations have rules about pets. Some
have restrictions based on size and number or type of pets. Several have rules forbidding pets.

RECEIVED A DEPOSIT. Click here for our Application Form which you are welcome to return
by email, texting a picture of the form or mail. Proof of income and rental references or home
ownership are the most important items to us. Should an application be denied for any reason,
all deposit funds less the application fee will be returned. Our application charge is $35.

Not sure? Just ask!

You may not hear exactly what you were looking for, but we’ll give you honest answers,
our perspective comes from years of experience!