Owners: About Us

We routinely handle Purchases and Sales of Residences and Investment Properties of up to 30 units.  Property Management and Assisting Entry Level buyers are our specialties.


Thank you for your interest in working together. We provide hands-on Property Management. Our firm
became an independent bi-lingual mother-daughter brokerage in 2006. Pam became the Broker
years prior to Bobbie’s retirement. Please call and we would be happy to answer your questions.

We are based in Scottsdale and manage approximately 150 units including single family homes,
condos, and multi-family apartments as well as furnished rentals. We believe in personal contact with tenants and owners.  Tenants are given our cell numbers and we answer our phones seven days a week! Tenants and  owners appreciate our staying in touch. We do our own leasing and screening of prospective tenants.  One of our strengths is our extremely low vacancy rates.

We don’t make money unless you make money! Our management fee is a percentage of the rent
collected and we also charge a leasing fee when we secure new tenants. There are two points of
interest regarding our rates and your bottom line. First, we do not charge for lease renewals.
Although your tenants will likely stay several years, working with us you will never pay additional
leasing fees. Second, is our leasing success. We do our own leasing instead of outsourcing it or
trying to rely on less qualified on-site managers. For most owners, a month’s rent on one occupied
unit more than makes up for a couple of percentage points in management fees! Although it is not
required, when a tenant moves out without fulfilling their lease our general practice as long as we are continuing to work for the owner is to replace the tenant and pro-rate the leasing fee for the replacement tenant.

We don’t mark up any repair bills. We have a few repairmen who work for us frequently and their
charges are lower than contractor rates. You pay exactly what they charge. When repairs are serious
and require licensed contractors, we get quotes and call you with the information so you can make an
informed decision about your property.


We always know about properties not yet marketed to the public! Some will make perfect homes while others are more suitable for investments.

We enjoy working with novice buyers and investors as well as experienced buyers and sellers. We
are happy to provide education and work hard to ensure superior client comfort levels. We are able
to reduce stress by maintaining close communication. You will appreciate our dedication to making
sure you have smooth transactions. Our experience developing creative solutions during negotiations
results in more successful closings!

Who would know better if an investment makes sense than a good Property Management firm? We’ll
identify rental properties and provide our opinion about properties and locations, as well as help you assess what rents and repairs to anticipate. If you already have a Realtor, we often work as a team with other agents to help owners select lucrative investment properties. When we help select properties it is like a marriage – we’re committed long-term to our shared success with you and with the property.

Please ask and we’d be happy to furnish references.

We look forward to speaking with you in more detail! Thank you for considering us for your property
management & sales needs.