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Our tenants love us! 

Many of our tenants rent from us for years and refer their friends and family members.  We treat people fairly and with respect.  Our firm is small and personable; we know all of our tenants personally and you will enjoy not be treated like a number.  You’ll be able to reach us on our cell phones, as opposed to struggling with answering machines.  We are almost always able to get repairs done within 3 days.  It is our pleasure to provide $50 referral  gifts or rent credits when your referrals lease from us.

Your security deposit is SAFE. 

We hold your security deposit in a special account…so even if an owner began to have financial problems, you would still be able to get your security deposit back.  Should we become aware of an owner missing mortgage payments, we immediately take measures to ensure you will not pay rent for any time you are not able to live in the rental.

Rent Payments and Outstanding Balances

Apartment building tenants are given pre-addressed envelopes, statements explaining outstanding balances, and repair request forms monthly.

Tenants in houses, condos, and townhouses are given a year’s supply of pre-addressed envelopes at move-in.

Grace period of 3 days for rent payments!  Leases typically state there is no late fee provided rent payments are post-marked by the 3rd  We also adjust payment due dates for tenants who receive special payments such as social security/disability. monthly.

On-Site Assistance

Most of our apartment buildings have a resident who help out a little.  These individuals are long-term tenants whom we have found trustworthy, knowledgeable, and able to help in times of need.   Although they are not employees and do not have official responsibilities, you are sure to get to know them and find them helpful.  The types of things they help with include:  searching for power breakers, turning off water to broken pipes, cleaning up messes, etc.)


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